Fundraising Committee

Below are all the upcoming events and activities for 2019.

More information about these will come out through the school newsletter during the year.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 28th May - Cross Country Sausage Sizzle
Friday 21st of June - Kelson School Disco
Thursday 29th August - Pizza Lunch
Friday 25th October - Celebrating Kelson School’s 40th Birthday
Friday 15th November - Kids Movie Night 
Thursday 12th December - Ice-cream day  

Dates TBC
Grown Up Movie Night
Athletics Sausage Sizzle                     

How you can help

  1. Become a sponsor of an event or provide items to raffle off.
  2. Join the Committee - only two meetings per term.


Contact us for more information.
Leanne Campbell, Chairperson, ph 027 230 7205

Guidelines for allocating funds

The Committee have some guidelines on the allocation of raised funds. Over the year we raise approximately $10,000 on average and each year the following funds are committed :

$2,000 School Camp (Term 1)

$1,250 School Picnic Buses (Term 4)

$1,000 Sport/Cultural, can be negotiated up to $1,500 (enhance learning/provide different opportunities can be one off).

The balance of funds raised will be spent on resources that enhance student learning.